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Finty the African Hunting Dog created by Lucy


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Lucy is a prolific multi-talented artist and musician. Her work spans across a wide range of media and genres. The common factor in much of Lucys work is her love of animals and particularly her admiration of dogs. She has an incredible knowledge of the different characteristics of each breed. She has designed comics and short stories which feature many of her own canine characters. Some of her creations have been brought to life through comedy and performance.  Lucy has handmade the costumes from the initial idea and concept to the final stitch. Some of Lucys characters have been seen giving guided gallery tours at the De La Warr Pavilion and the MK Gallery

Read some writing Lucy prepared for the EXPLORERS Conference at MK Gallery in 2019 about her dogs and their characters. Read here.

Exhibitions and Residencies

Hastings Open, Hastings Museum, 2020

Ignition, Hastings Contemporary, March – May 2021

Turner Prize 2021 Exhibition, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry, September – January 2022


Lucy is featured at the following exhibitions