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Aspirational planning and facilitation for families of people with complex needs

Project Art Works is now offering intensive support for families of people with complex needs as part of the Art Freedom Care programme thanks to funding from Skills for Care, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, and Three Guineas Trust.

Project Art Works will work with you to explore what your hopes and aspirations are. This might be finding and employing support workers, and training them to support your family member, carry out clinical tasks, and work safely and effectively, so that you can have some respite. You may wish to undertake a Deputyship so you have greater control and more say in the support and care your family member receives. Or you want to better understand the complex health and social care structures and legal frameworks so you can choose what kind of care and support is right for you as a family.

PATH visual planning tool

PATH visual planning tool (copyright Project Art Works)

How does it work?

Project Art Works will meet with you to have an initial informal conversation about your hopes and aspirations. We will invite you to participate in a workshop to make a PATH. PATH stands for Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope and is an easy to use visual planning tool using images and keywords. PATH helps to identify long-term goals for individuals spanning employment, education, friendships and community life and records steps and support needed to reach those goals. Project Art Works will meet with you to talk through your PATH and what training, information and other steps you need to achieve your long-term goals.

You will work with Project Art Works to put together your development plan and we will help you to understand, access, and use the tools and training available.

We can help cover the cost of: legal advice, practical guidance and training on recruiting and managing support workers, training support workers to carry out clinical tasks safely, free resources on understanding safeguarding and infection control, fees relating to becoming a Deputy so you can make decisions on behalf of someone who lacks mental capacity.

Your family member with complex needs can attend creative workshops at Project Art Works whilst you are taking part in training and meetings as part of your development programme. Project Art Works will check-in regularly with you throughout the development programme.

Your commitment

Project Art Works will meet with you to have an initial informal conversation about your hopes and aspirations. After this you can decide whether this programme of support and development is right for you and your family. Places are limited so Project Art Works will ask you to commit some of your time and energy into the programme.

Find out more by contacting Esther Springett, Support Collective Lead: or call 01424 423555.